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rasec-wizzlbang asked: cover the area around your bamboo with flowers. no more gross dying sprouts

I already do that with red and white lilies.


I had a dream last night where Obama made a “Shark Creator” game and released it on steam

If a gangster is a part of a gang, then is a lobster a part of a lob?

Two kinds 'o people on this site

  • Person 1: This thing is problematic but it's ok that you like it so long as you understand why it is and that some people are uncomfortable with it.
  • Person 2: This thing is problematic and so are you for liking it you are literally garbage literally if you literally like this and no one is allowed to like it because I don't like it literally

Anonymous asked: err and by that question i mean, why did you cut your hair?

Tried to cut it myself, but I screwed up 100%.

So I removed the problem entirely.

I just cut my scalp off.

Anonymous asked: is there anyone you think about a lot? how does he/she make you feel?

I think about Kelsey Grammer a lot. Ever since that dream I had in which he was shooting an entire movie in my bedroom. He ended up staying there for the whole process. At night, when I went to bed, he would crouch on my nightstand and watch over me like a gargoyle.

It makes me feel cold and… Salty. 

Currently spinning.

I held my lamp over this for the cool lighting.

Currently spinning.

I held my lamp over this for the cool lighting.



  • People with purple eyes don’t menstruate
  • School is totally out to get you and kill creativity, man
  • Across the globe, racism only exists as it does in the US
  • Shaming is infinitely more important than educating
  • It’s possible to have infinite chocolate
  • Benedict Cumberbatch is the standard of male beauty
  • if something gets popular, you MUST start digging for reasons to hate it
  • Men sit with their legs apart on the bus as a display of sexual dominance
  • No one is allowed to be happy ever
  • bees